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Your house, condo or apartment property is a small business unto itself. To be a successful investor-owner, you need to attract & keep good quality, income producing, long term tenants. Our business is to be the manager of your small business and apply all our expertise to run your small business efficiently and profitably. Maximizing your net operating income is our top priority.  Here's what we do:


We locate a good tenant for your property

As many as a dozen photos of your property are posted on many high activity websites along with a detailed description of your property's features.  We are available not just during our regular business hours, but after hours to receive calls from prospective tenants who are often searching for a place to live after work. We are vacancy specialists and make it our priority to do everything possible to fill them including showings 7 days a week.  We offer finders fees to other agents.  An application is completed and a background screening of the prospective tenant's employment, criminal and credit history is performed.  You are called with our findings and recommendations for final approval of the tenant.


Leasing & Occupancy

Our lease includes Rules and Regulations and is undergoing continuous review to insure that it provides the most effective and comprehensive protection to you, the property owner.  During the walk thru with the tenant, a written report of property conditions is completed.  In many cases, neighbors are given our contact information and encouraged to call us anytime they feel the need if there are problems with your tenant.  This helps provide everyone with a higher level of security.



We personally go to inspect the property when there are maintenance issues so we can be involved in assessing how to deal with it.  We thoroughly inspect your property inside and outside once every year looking for such things as functioning CO2 detectors, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.  We work to maximize the value of your property by keeping it in the best possible condition at all times.  Since we come to know your property very well and have decades of construction experience, we are best suited to solving maintenance problems with a minimum of expense, often with no additional expense.  We have developed relationships with tradespeople in various fields that we rely on for high quality, low cost work.  Our quick response to maintenance issues is appreciated by the tenants and helps us build a good relationship and understanding.  You want a happy tenant and so do we.



Each month, along with your rent proceeds you receive a detailed accounting for the prior month along with a trailing 12 month accounting detailed by the month.  Within 30 days from the end of the calendar year, you receive an accounting and analysis for use in preparing your income taxes.  We have designed our service to allow you to claim your property as one in which you have an "active" participation for tax deduction purposes. This is considerably more advantageous than if it were a "passive" participation. As a result our management fee as well as mortgage interest, insurance, taxes, repair costs and depreciation are tax deductible.  To insure that you are entitled to these benefits, contact your tax preparer.


Management Fees

Our management fees range from 6% to 10% of rent depending on the level of service you'd like from us.  Flat fee arrangements can also be made.


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